Luca pointed out some problems with doing a pkg image update to nv_100a bits regarding the new SUNWzfs-auto-snapshot functionality.

You can follow the discussion on the indiana-discuss@ mailing list, but so far, it looks like a few workarounds are needed. On a fresh install, it should all fine, but if you’re upgrading from an older development build of 2008.11 (unless we come up with a better fix) it appears to deliver the zfssnap role as a locked account (*LK* in /etc/shadow) which isn’t allowed to execute cron jobs.

To work around this, you need to unlock the zfssnap role (I’d recommend running pfexec passwd -N zfssnap), add the following to /etc/user_attr:

zfssnap::::type=role;auths=solaris.smf.manage.zfs-auto-snapshot;profiles=ZFS File System Management

then clear the maintenance state of the service:

$ pfexec svcadm clear frequent daily hourly weekly monthly

Thanks for the report Luca, and nice screenshots on your blog entry! I’ll add comments to this post if we come up with any better solutions. As always, for those following along at home, the latest zfs-auto-snapshot bits are in our mercurial source repository, which you can get with $ hg clone ssh://