It’s been a pretty hectic Z-Day and Halloween, but a great birthday overall! (Of course, if you were
to ask E, she’d maintain it was her birthday today as well – but that’s ok, I’m happy to share :-)

I was woken up by herself and the missus this morning, being presented with
my birthday present: a set of knee and elbow pads and
a unicycle, which I’m absolutely thrilled about!

As a result, when working from home today, coffee breaks were spent wobbling precariously
around the kitchen, hanging on to various bits of furniture for dear life – definitely more
practice needed, but I think I’m really going to enjoy this particular form of transport: the goal, to commute to work on it at least once, but one step (and fall) at a time – I’m a long way off being able to commute on it.

Work-wise, Halloween has been haunted by a wodge of xVM Server work,

a not-too-terrifying zfs-auto-snapshot putback
, the creepiness of some of my code getting pushed to as part of nv_100a, and the
blood-curdling results of more people trying out the service, running into both
and known issues along the way. Bug reports are always welcome though, however horrifying!

Tonight though has been entirely work-free: answering the door to trick-or-treaters, some nice pizza and some excellent beer (on an American theme tonight, Sierra Nevada Bigfoot 2008
and Anchor Steam Liberty Ale, yum) and the by now, traditional photographs of fireworks – so, here goes with continuing that tradition!