Since I started the zfs-auto-snapshot work back in May 2006, there’s been
a missing piece of functionality. Well, I’m happy to say – it’s missing no longer!

With thanks to Luca Morettoni, we now have a fix for:

6777694 Need ability to control when auto-snapshots are taken

We hashed out some of the details on private mail, then on the mailing list
then a few test scripts from Luca, some paper work, and the integration was done
– thanks for your patience Luca! [ involving signing a SCA, sending me a hg export patch which I could push to the repository and waiting for me to push the changes – a few more good patches, and I’d be delighted to give Luca commit privileges to make this a bit easier ]

So now with this changeset, the SMF property “zfs/offset”, defined since
version 0.1 now actually does something – it takes a value in seconds to specify
exactly when the various auto-snapshot cron jobs should fire. As always, bug
reports welcome!

I’ve updated the README with details about this feature. We’ll
try to get it included in the wos as soon as we can.