So far, parental leave is going pretty well – 9 days in and we’re coping ok (and by the way, I’m not reading work email at the moment, which is probably a good thing – in my sleep-deprived state, I’m not likely to have much in the way of coherent responses!)

To lessen the effects of cabin fever we decided to go on our first family trip with Ella and Calum yesterday. This year in the Dublin Docklands, there’s a Christmas market, and it sounded a bit easier to get the kids to that, rather than fly to one of the real Christmas markets in Europe.

A few things became clear during this trip – getting all four of us out of the house is going to take a lot more practice, and our car doesn’t fit two prams (the missus carried Calum in a sling instead, but he won’t stay this size forever: perhaps it’s time to consider a mini-van? Our days of 3-door BMW coupes seem to be long gone…)

Was the market worth going to? Well, yes, if only just to see the look on Ella’s face when she saw the carousel – so many rocking horses in one place, how fantastic! The Bratwurst and Lebkuchen were also very welcome treats. More photos below.

Thumbnails of Tim's photos taken at the Dublin Docklands 12 Days of Christmas market

Happy Christmas everyone!