One of the many great things about being a parent around Christmas, is that not
only do you get to see the looks on the faces of your kids when they’re opening
their presents (itself, priceless) but you also get to play with the presents
with them!

Ella was really lucky this year, receiving lots of lovely presents, but one of
the best, in my opinion, came from
Duncan & Denise,
an Alphabet Jigsaw – handmade by a
company in Westport, Co. Mayo. It’s one of the most ingenious things I’ve seen.

Ella thinks it’s wonderful too. Here she is playing with it wearing her Upsy
costume (thanks Santa!) with Gramps on the kitchen floor:

Calum, being
only 15 days old when Christmas arrived, wasn’t quite as much into the spirit of
the occasion as Ella was, though he did manage to look quite adorable in his “My first
Christmas” outfit. May the joys of parenthood continue!