I sent some mail
to the
Irish OpenSolaris User group
list today, proposing to kick-start our user
group meetings again.

Meetings haven’t happened at ie-osug since last February, and we’re trying to see
if a change of tack would help get things going again.

meetings from June ’06 – Feb ’08
were more like a mini lecture-series
about OpenSolaris, and while I think these were interesting, they often came across
as a bit formal: yes we had pints afterwards (which were usually great) but
there was never the atmosphere of community we’d hoped for.

So, this time, we’re going to try the approach the
SFOSUG use – try holding
the meetings in a pub. The location we’re thinking of, The Vaults
serves food & beer and we’ll hopefully be able to reserve a small room in the place. We’ll bring along a wifi acccess point and a few laptops, and an LCD projector. We’ll still
be able to do “feature presentations” if people feel like doing them,
but hopefully the more informal atmostphere of a pub will help get people
talking a little more, and perhaps grow the user group and get more people participating.

I don’t have the exact time/date yet – but will post more when I have it,
I suspect it’ll be Thursday January 29th. Do please comment here, or
send mail to the list
if you think this would be a good way to get more people interested in OpenSolaris in Ireland?