It’s with regret, that I won’t be able to head over to CommunityOne West next week – the OpenSolaris tracks look pretty interesting, but as ever with this sort of thing, it’s as much about the people you’ll meet as the actual content of the sessions – in fact, I’d almost argue, it’s more about the people you’ll meet, than the sessions.

It’s been ages since I’ve chatted to OpenSolaris-folk in person (other than my immediate colleagues in the xVM team and Glynn of course) and while email and IRC are good, they’re no really match for having a beer and a natter with like-minded people – the OpenSolaris Party on Monday night looks like a pretty good opportunity for that. I would also quite like to be over there for the launch of 2009.06 having played a bit of a part in this release too (note to self: filing bugs that end up on a stopper list makes for somewhat exciting weekend), oh well.

My travel plans this year have been put on hold for a while – having been away from the wife + kids for a few weeks while I was down in New Zealand, closely followed by another week in MPK, I’ve promised to stay put in Ireland for a bit, although more about that in a future blog post I think.

Still, I’ll be doing my best to keep up with what’s going on at C1, and hope that I can at least read some blog reports on how the event goes next week. Wish I was there! If you wish you were there too, but live a bit closer, and feel like learning more about OpenSolaris, then do fill in the box below :-)