A few weeks ago, we had a Saturday that was everything a Saturday should be – not too early a start, a nice breakfast, an energetic, if slightly damp, walk with Calum and the four of us visiting the Botanic Gardens for a picnic.

We’re sort of in a weird state at home at the moment, trying to go around appreciating everything that Dublin has to offer (hence the visit to the Botanic gardens), unsure of what the future holds.

Ever since our first trip to New Zealand we’ve always thought it’d be an interesting place to live, but before my most recent trip there for Glynn & Jayne’s wedding, we’d talked about my using the time over there to consider more carefully whether it’s somewhere we’d want to emigrate to.

Over the course of the two and a bit weeks there, I was gradually leaning towards a “yes” answer to the question above, but it’s funny – as soon as I heard the rumours about a supposed deal with IBM to buy Sun, I’d decided that if the deal went through, that’d be it, we’d really seriously look into moving. In some ways, that the deal fell through was a bit of a relief, not only because I think it’d have been the wrong thing for Sun, but also because I was off the hook in terms of facing that big decision to move. Now that there’s another deal pending with Oracle, I need to face that question again.

On the other side of the argument, we’ve got a pretty cushy number in Ireland at the moment: our house is a 25 minute cycle from the office (the missus has a shorter commute to her office) and the creche we use for Ella, and possibly Calum too, is right next door — but that, in a way makes us feel even more trapped: should we give up what appears to be a perfect setup and fling ourselves into the unknown? Looking further out, there’s good primary schools in the local area for the kids, but getting them to a secondary schools would mean quite a commute for them I think, so we’d end up having to move somewhere in a few years anyway.

There’s some things that could make moving easier. Already, I’m the only person in Ireland working in the Solaris xVM kernel group, so I’m working remotely wherever I am: working from the other side of the world probably wouldn’t be that much different for me, assuming I’m allowed that opportunity with the pending acquisition. And of course, I’m not just moving me – we’re a family, so anything we do has to work for everyone, otherwise it’s not going to happen.

So is the decision to move made yet? No, not at all – it is a realization though, that we need to make that decision soon, rather than leave it hanging over us. Perhaps the best way, is to try to get out there for a year, and see how we settle – a sort of “Try and Buy” approach I suppose.

But, between then and now, there’s plenty to enjoy about Ireland, and it seems like considering the question on whether to emigrate or not has made us think a lot about life in general and what we want to get out of it. I think we all should be enjoying it a lot more, dancing in the bluebells as much as we can.