Happy Z-Day everyone!

Breaking with tradition somewhat, I’m not sure there’s going to be any fireworks photos here this year: we’re down at my parents house, and are less likely to get the sort of sustained shelling that we normally experience in Raheny each year.

On the plus side, we had homemade pumpkin soup for lunch, so was at least able to get this shot. If there’s any fireworks later on, I’ll update this post – but otherwise, here’s some Halloween cheer:

The day’s been great so far – lovely birthday presents (a Merino base-layer and a copy of Neverwhere from the lovely missus, and DVDs of the first two Ice Age films from E (I think she had an ulterior motive there!) and a nice fleece from my folks)

I also popped out for a birthday run around Greystones this afternoon, only 10k but it was enough for me to realise I’m far from being back in running form: the recovery is going to last a few more weeks I think!

My folks are baby-sitting tonight, so myself and the missus get to go out for a grown-up dinner, which I’m really looking forward to. Happy Halloween!

Update: There were fireworks after all, here’s a few shots: fantastic, the tradition continues!