Niall wrote a post to the zfs-auto-snapshot alias announcing his new time-sliderd implementation of the ZFS Automatic Snapshot service.

I’m looking forward to this new implementation: I wrote the old ksh-based code back in 2006 and have been adding features & fixing bugs ever since. Over time, it’s started creaking at the seams – there were a few issues with it that were tricky to deal with in it’s existing implementation. I’ve long felt the desire to start again, but just couldn’t give it the time it needed. Well, Niall’s done just that – many thanks Niall!

I’ve got commentary on the thread on the auto snapshot mailing list and have also forwarded Niall’s announcement to zfs-discuss. The old README on this blog has been updated, with a pointer to the original heads-up message.

So now I get to focus on my day-job again :-)