Well, that’s one bit of my life over. I worked at Sun from ’96, fresh out of college up to today, 28th January 2010. I’m a bit irked that I didn’t make it to the 15-year milestone – not to worry.

Thus far, I’m still working at same job, and I suppose technically, I’m still a Sun employee helping to write the OpenSolaris packaging system. I still have plans to move to New Zealand this year, all being well.

The date that JAVA dropped off the stock market was the same date that our passports arrived back from the NZ immigration dept. with residency visas attached to them, so that’s got to be a sign that it’s time to move on.

I had a wonderful time at Sun, and am hoping Oracle treats the company, it’s former employees and (most importantly to me) the Sun culture with the respect they deserve. Time will tell.

In the meantime, this blog, like the old one will contain the usual mix of work and non-work content, in categories so you can avoid what you don’t care about. And, lest it not already be clear, any opinions stated here are mine alone, not Oracle’s not Sun’s – I speak for nobody other than myself here.

It’s Anew day.