2010 was a busy year for myself and the family. Here are some of the things I got up to:

  • Moved job

    I joined the IPS team in January

  • Moved company

    Sun Ireland disappeared in April, and I became an Oracle employee. Personally, that’s working out very well and I’m not noticing much difference in terms of my day to day work. Yes, the company has a different culture – and if there were a “Top Gear Cool Wall” for IT companies, in my opinion, Oracle would likely be “Seriously uncool“, with Sun as “sub-zero“. I think the Solaris engineering culture has survived the transition so far, at least at my level. We’ll see what the New Year brings.

  • Moved country

    I moved from Ireland to NZ in May, having gone through the long process of applying for residency here. That this coincided with the economic conditions in Ireland was purely chance. Our decision to move was not related to work or the economy, it was purely based on a willingness to stretch our horizons and see some more of the world. So far, NZ is treating us well – ups and downs.

  • Ran another marathon


  • Was mentioned in a piece by the Irish Times

    (albeit with the errors that they used my wife’s maiden name, and mis-credited my photo to Alan Betson, though I’m happy to have my photographs confused with his, I’m really not in the same league :-) )

  • Did a total of 24 putbacks to the pkg-gate.

    This covered 66 bugs or RFEs – some were minor and didn’t take a lot of work to get right, like 12723, some were major like 13536 and were projects in themselves. All were a lot of fun to work on though, and I feel privileged to continue to be employed on something I enjoy.

Looking forward to 2011, I’m hoping to explore more of NZ. If you follow me on Twitter, subscribe to my Flickr feed or look at some of the stuff I’ve put up on Smugmug, you’ll see some of the photos I’ve taken this year: this country really is incredibly beautiful – indeed, as is Ireland. You should visit both places, then pick which one you want to live in.

There’s lots to do next year – we’re moving house in a few weeks time, and I get to set up a new home office, in a separate building to the house – so I’m hoping my struggle for a healthier work/life balance will start tipping in the right direction.

I’ll also try to keep up the running – possibly entering the Wellington marathon again to see if I can better this year’s time, though being honest, I’m not sure I’ve got a faster pace in me – I’ll aim to improve though. Having recovered from the marathon, I’m doing a lot less road-running and a lot more mountain/off-road running now so perhaps it’s time to look for a different sort of event instead?

Roll on 2011 :-)