As promised here I spent the last week avoiding Twitter and Facebook, giving Google+ a go.

Summary? I think it’s fabulous.

I like the idea of Circles, I like the user interface and have yet to start to accumulate the amount of crap I was tending to get on Facebook (pointless games, updates from people who clicked on spammy “see who’s been watching your profile” apps, that sort of thing)

It’s missing some stuff so far that for me makes Twitter the better option if you’re looking to follow interesting people, or look for posts about particular topics but don’t necessarily know who those people are, or who’s writing about a particular topic of interest: #hashtags. Being able to tag posts would be useful too, because while I like being able to view just a set of posts from a given Circle of friends, not everything those friends write about is necessarily relevant to me.

I’ve a few other nits with G+ that I’d like to see improved as well, including better client support on Android, a public API (which will help towards the first item, no doubt) but I’m happy to be patient.

It’s early days with Google+, though what I’ve seen so far makes me think it won’t be long before they’ll have the extra features that seem like an obvious addition to any social networking application.

So, what’s my plan with Twitter and Facebook?

Well, the week-long experiment on Google plus wasn’t long enough for me to choose whether or not to keep using one of those other services. My plan for now, is to hang on to my Twitter account, @timfoster and essentially treat it as read-only, except for direct messages and any replies I feel like posting to other folks on Twitter.

I’m going to try to use +Tim Foster for everything else.

As for Facebook, I’m going to give it up completely – I really only started using it to connect with the people that I know who don’t use Twitter, and seeing as there’s a better application out there now, it seems like Facebook has outlived its usefulness. I’d honestly rather one corporation had a detailed map of me than two (not that I can be particularly precious about this: I’ve got an Android phone, use Gmail – so in a sense, I’ve already signed my soul over to Google)

So, I’m closing my Facebook account as of next week, and stopping the Twitter re-publication now (I rarely ever actually post on Facebook, usually it’s just my Twitter feed getting redirected there)

If you would still like to keep up with me, get onto Google Plus – I’ve a few invites left which I’ll give to you if I know you, but I’m guessing they’ve got to be close to opening the service for anyone who wants in, invite or not. Otherwise, join Twitter.