Original image by hapinachu on Flickr

I’ve added a feature to FeedPlus, the command line G+ to Atom converter I mentioned previously. It now has option to also post to your Twitter stream directly, rather than going via Twitterfeed.

I found that, despite Twitterfeed claiming a 30 minute interval between checking the RSS/Atom URL it was configured to repost to Twitter, updates weren’t being pulled that frequently and often a G+ update I’d write that was relatively timely would finally appear several hours later. I decided it’d be better to work out how to post directly to Twitter.

For webapps, this didn’t appear to be too complex, but it’s a bit more involved for CLI applications (OAuth, yuck!) python-twitter helps a lot though, and it seems to be working so far. For now, I’ve got this running in a cron job that fires every 5 minutes, and while it’s definitely not as network-efficient as it could be, it’s doing the job just fine.

As before, I’m really hoping Google will come along with proper G+ to Twitter bridging (and in that direction: yes it’s lossy, but 140 characters just seems so restricting these days!) I’m also hoping that more of the folks I follow on Twitter will ditch both Facebook and Twitter, and give G+ another go – we’ll see.

Comments and bug reports welcome over on the FeedPlus Github page.